Woman sitting on surfboard looking off into the bright sunset.

Things To Do In Negril, Jamaica

What’s Happening in Negril

With its privileged location right at the western tip of the island, the greatest draw when you’re at The Cliffs is the world-famous sunset, but there are so many more things to do in Negril, Jamaica! Consider strolling Seven Mile Beach, gliding over the turquoise waters on a kayak, cheering on the cliff jumpers, or giving it a shot yourself, dining on delicious Jamaican cuisine, exploring the legendary nightlife, and so much more.

two red kayaks beached on the sand under the green palm trees with the sun shining from above.


Glide over pristine waters enjoying the spectacular seascape in this unique region of Jamaica and a bird’s-eye view of marine life.

A white and blue sailboat beached on the sand during the day with the sun shining brightly.

Hobie Cat

Rent a Hobie Cat and let the wind fill your sails. Designed with beginners in mind, they’re a great way to try your hand at sailing and enjoy a fine afternoon out at sea.

Three sailboats anchored in the crystal clear blue water during the day with the sun shining above.


Whether choosing a party boat or a romantic sunset cruise, you have countless options for a catamaran experience in Negril.

Man and woman snorkeling in the clear blue water looking at orange clownfish.


The shallow, gin-clear waters off Negril make it easy to see the abundant marine life. Not far from shore, you’re likely to encounter colorful reef fish, sponges, sea turtles, stingrays, and nurse sharks.

Local Attractions

YS Falls

At YS Falls a seven-tiered cascading waterfall culminates in several natural wading pools ideal for bathing and lounging. It’s the centerpiece of YS Estate, where you can explore the grounds on a jitney ride or a zipline, or simply enjoy a picnic in the beautiful gardens.

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Local Attractions

Dolphin Cove

A scenic drive from Negril, Dolphin Cove Montego Bay is the place to come closer to these gregarious marine mammals. A number of packages are available for an immersive experience that suits you, and you can also interact with stingrays and other creatures while there.

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Local Attractions

Appleton Rum Estates

The Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience is so much more than a tour through a distillery. Learn about the revered estate’s history, and the rum-making process and sample several rum blends to gain a deeper appreciation for the island’s iconic spirit.

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Local Attractions

Blue Mountain Coffee Tour

Thanks to the micro-climate enjoyed by the Blue Mountain range, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is celebrated the world over. Take in the splendid scenery, taste the sweet, floral drink straight from the source, and learn a little about what it takes to make award-winning coffee.

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Local Attractions

Bob Marley Museum

Roots, rock, and reggae were born in a government yard on the outskirts of Kingston. Head to the place that honors Bob Marley and his monumental achievements, from a young musician with an unstoppable message to a global icon.

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